Arsenal Might Sign Some Guy You’ve Never Heard of.

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I’m going to go out on a limb, and put stock in Twitter transfer rumours for just a moment. Mostly in this one, because Cadena Ser is mentioned as the source for this bit of news. They’ve been pretty spot on for us lately, accurately reporting both the Özil and Sánchez sagas.

Another thing going for this rumour, is it’s a bit out of the blue. I have no idea who this player is, and it seems as though he’ll have to apply for a work permit to complete his move. Very Arsenal indeed.

Could Joel Campbell be involved as a makeweight in the deal? It would kill two birds with one stone. I feel bad for Joel, he really seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He’s just not looking like being anywhere near as good as the players ahead of him. Shame, but right now he could be a very useful bargaining tool.

It makes me wonder why we haven’t heard talk of asking around the Premier League. Surely there would be some takers, and the added bonus of getting a player with experience in England would be invaluable at this stage in the season. Just food for thought.

I don’t want to hurt my head with the ins and outs of a transfer that’s yet to materialize, so if you want to learn more about this guy, have a look at what Sid Lowe had to say about him on ESPNFC. It’s worth the read.

Elsewhere, there really isn’t much new in the world of Arsenal. Even the club website are struggling for content. Right now the headlines read:

Giroud: “You have to be good at scoring goals in front of goal”
Walcott: Alexis is quite good
Ramsey: Coquelin is really good
Ramsey: Cazorla is really quite good

I’m not complaining. Okay, maybe a little. But if this is what winning two difficult games consecutively does to our media presence, I think I’ll get over it.

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